Repair Drywall Tape Bubbles

Settling or shifting of the building or wall, traffic passing outside, sonic booms etc all these can cause rippling of drywall tape and the need to repair drywall tape bubbles that are formed. These various forces cause uneven pressure on both walls of the drywall corner, where the tape has adhered. As a result, shifting twists the tape, leaving a rippled or bubbled look results.

In other situations, drywall tape bubbles form because the original installation may have been poorly done. Care may not have been taken in securing the drywall corner, or installing the tape correctly. This can look very unattractive. When this happens, there was not enough moisture on the tape. Therefore, it loosened at various places, leading the ripple effect.

To do this corner drywall repair, first cut the tape bubbles, re-secure the drywall on both sides of the corner and then put mud behind the cut tape. Re-mud over the top tape surface a couple of times, and then lightly sand it out. This should repair drywall tape bubbles.

Caution: If you are noticing more and larger drywall cracks, doors not closing and other structural damage, you may be having trouble with your foundation that could be serious and go way beyond a corner repair drywall situation. You should check with a foundation specialist.

In other cases, if the tape has adhered unevenly, pull or cut out all the loose tape and old drywall mud that you can. Re-secure the drywall on both sides of the corner. Next, apply a new mud base coat, pressing your new tape into the mud. (Make sure that the mud is wet enough so the tape will not absorb all the moisture from the mud, causing yet more bubbles.)

Finally, apply the necessary top coats over the tape before sanding it out. This should take repair drywall tape bubbles