Drywall Damage

10 Small Problems

Have you just moved into your home or, maybe, you have been looking at a fixer-upper and are wondering about some of the drywall damage you saw that need some attention. Could you fix that wall hole or straighten out that flakey paint area.

Or maybe you have been in your home for awhile, and you see some problems starting in your drywall that you are not sure of what it is. You have been thinking, money is a little tight so I don’t really want to hire some one but I don’t know if I am up to the challenge to fixing drywall problems myself. What if I get in a jam and have a real mess. What will it cost then?

You say to yourself, “If I only knew a little more about the drywall damage, what it is and what may be causing it, then I think I would like to try repair it myself if.

In these pages I share some of the things that I deal with in my work to repair a hole in drywall or straighten out some other damaged areas. I will try to help you understand what some of these things are and what you might do to solve your problem.

With a little knowledge, patience, insights from me and the willingness to do a little “trial and error” as you learn, you should be on your way to fixing drywall problems that may be bothering you.

Below are a number of drywall damage problems and how you can be on your way to fixing drywall in short order.

Brown Stains. One common thing is a brown stain appearing on the ceiling around a light fixture or just out in the middle of the ceiling or going down a wall. You have tried to paint over it but it just doesn’t go away. Click here to find out more about brown water stains

Bubble on the Wall. Another thing you may have seen appear is a bubble on the wall or ceiling. You are not sure what is behind it and if there could be more problems. Click Here to find out more about bubbles on the wall.

Flakey Paint Bubble. You are seeing areas or spot of your paint curling up or flakey paint coming off the wall. To find out more about Falky Paint, Click Here

Butt Joints. Maybe you’re more of an adventurous person who has installed a patch but your butt joints are giving you a problem. To find out more about Butt Joint Solutions, click here. Dents, Gouges & Wall Anchors. You may have had a number of people help you more and some were not as careful as you would have liked, and causes some dents or gouges in your walls or, hopefully not, in your ceiling. Or maybe it is just from wear and tear through living in your home for awhile that some dents or gouges have happened. If you would conquer your dent & gouges and get things looking nice again, Click Here.

Dart Board Holes or Nail Holes. One of your kids had some friends over and decided to play darts down in the rec room but some of the kids were not a very good shot. Now you have a wall full of little dart holes. Or maybe over the years you have had various pictures on the wall and changed things around a few times. Now you have a number of little nail holes that you would like to get rid of. To find out what to do about Dart, Nail and other small holes, Click Here.

Door Knot Hole. You did not realize the door stopper had bent and, when hauling in a bunch of groceries, you pushed the door a little harder and “blam” it slammed into the wall and now you have a door knob hole in the wall. You fix the door stopper but you still have the hole. To find out what to do about door knob holes and other small holes, Click Here.

Nail Pops. Wondering what that little round thing is that is pushing out of the wall or ceiling. What is underneath it? To find out more about nail pops, Click Here.

Nail Depressions. It seems as though some areas on the wall have been dimpling in. Sort of like little round indentations in the wall. Wondering what is going on and what to do? To find out more about Wall Dents & Nail Depressions , Click Here.

Torn or Loose Drywall Paper. Torn and damaged drywall surface paper occurs often when removing wallpaper, paneling, mirrors, tape, or picture holders from a wall(s) or when something scraped or gouges the wall causing the paper to tear. It can also happen when you are installing the drywall. To find out more about Torn Or Loose Drywall Paper, Click Here.