Drywall Hole Repair

Door Knob & Other Small Holes

One of the most common problems in drywall hole repair that I run into is the door know hole.

Door knob holes are caused when the swing of a door is not stopped before it slams into the wall. You usually end up with a broken wall area, or a round hole behind the door which is in need of drywall hole repair.

This can be prevented by mounting a stopper on the base board next to, or close to, where the door bottom would hit the base board. You may also put an adjustable stopper on top of the upper door hinge which is held in place by the hinge pin. This will help you prevent having to fix a hole in drywall at a later date.

If the door knob has broken the wall area, you first should replace the stopper or put a block of wood between the door and base board, so the door will not hit the wall again.

To fix a hole in drywall, such as a door knob hole or any other such small holes, you must first decide if you want to cut out and replace the broken area, or if the hole is small enough, get a bumper guard to glue over the hole. These guards can helpful in preventing further damage should the door hit the wall again. They can also help prevent you from having to repair drywall holes in the future. (Even if you decide to replace the drywall.)

If you plan a drywall hole repair, where you want to cut out and replace the broken area, make sure that you put a backer board behind the cut out area which will give it more support. Then cut out a piece of drywall board the same thickness as your wall drywall and screw it into the backer board supports and any wall stud if it is close to your repair.

Another way is to do drywall hole repair is to use a level and draw a horizontal line above and below the broken area. Then cut the broken wall area out following your level lines across to the stud on either side of the hole. When your saw comes in contact with the stud, stop and measure 5/8" away from the cut and put a mark. This should be the center of the stud.

Now, take your level and draw a vertical line down from your marks on one side and then the other side of your cuts. Then secure the drywall with screws on the side of the lines that are not part of the broken piece you are taking out. You now want to cut the vertical lines that you marked and take out the broken drywall.

Before you fix the hole in drywall, you want to make sure that you have cleaned out any drywall debris from you cut along the sides and especially in the corners of your cut out. If you leave debris in your cut out, it will push up on your drywall when you secure it with screws and break part of the edges or corners.

When you are pleased that you have all the debris removed, install backer boards along the horizontal cut areas of your patch and then install you new drywall piece into the patch area.

After this, apply drywall tape over the cut seams and apply drywall “mud” over the tape and patch. When it is dry, apply another coat, and maybe a third one, before sanding out your repair. This is how you fix a hole in drywall damaged wall or walls