Flaky, Bubbly or Curled Paint
on the Drywall

One cause of Bubbly or flaky paint is often too much humidity in a room over a long period of time. It often happens in bathrooms, however I have seen it in other rooms as well.

Another possible cause is that latex paint was painted over an oil paint or over grease stain or some such area, which can cause the latex paint to come loose, especially when there is more moisture in the air.

A third possibility is that moisture has gotten under the paint from a water leak and, has loosen the paint over time, causing the paint to curl or bubble. It looks bad but is not usually serious and can be fixed in short order.

To fix this, take a scraper, or 5 in 1 tool and remove the flaky paint loose curls and bubbles. Make sure that you get all the loose material, then lightly sand over the damaged area and prime the area with a sealer such as Kilz etc..

Skim out a couple of times and lightly sand out each time until you have a smooth surface,then prime and paint.