Mesh Drywall Tape

Problems & Cures

One of the problems with mesh drywall tape is that, it is a nylon mesh, and does not have the strength or rigidity of paper tape. It can bend, twist and move on you as you install it.

So you need to make sure you have secured the tape when you put it down. Then when you are skim coating over it, do not apply heavy pressure so you pull or distort it. Once you have a covering of mud over it, it usually does not move.

When you are installing drywall mesh tape and are mudding over a seam, sometimes the tape will bubble out as you pull your blade over it. If you can, pull that part of the tape up and out of the mud and re-set it with your drywall blade.

Other times, if you find it would be too much work or too hard to pull the tape out, just cut across the middle of the mesh drywall tape bubble. Then, gently run your drywall blade over it. This should flatten the tape back down into the mud. Now add a short new section of tape over the cut area and re-mud over the tape.

If you leave the bubble while you are installing mesh drywall tape, it will stick out and will dry that way with the tape exposed and will be hard to cover.

This causes another problem. Even if you cover the tape with mud, as the tape is closer to the surface, it is often exposed when you sand. Now you will have to repair this area. You have to skim and repair it again before it is covered enough to enable you to sand without exposing it.

Sometimes mesh tape on drywall will buckle just as you are starting to put mud on it. Other times, if you have two pieces of tape coming together, like you would on the corners of a patch, the tape may pull away or buckle. You may be going to fast or pushing a little too hard on the tape before it is covered with mud.

To prevent this put some mud on one end of the tape, or if taping on a corner, spread a little mud from the inside of the corner over the tape to the outer edge and then mud the rest of the tape. This helps hold the tape down so it does not buckle as you mud the rest of the tape.

Another problem happens when one tries installing drywall mesh tape in a corner. Do not do that as mesh drywall tape is not made for corners. It does not have the strength or holding power of paper tape and you will not get a straight, good looking corner.

But if there is a larger space between your corner edges where the drywall comes together, you can use it for a backer support to hold your mud. This will allow you to be able to apply your mud in the corner without most of it falling through the corner crack. But only use it for that, use paper tape for the actual corner seam.