Wall Dent /Nail Depressions

A wall dent or nail depression are similar to nail pops, but instead of the nail coming out, there is a shallow, bowl like indentation. It is usually about the size of a quarter.

A wall dent may be caused when the installers did not fill the hammered nail “dimple” with drywall mud, and instead, just left it and it was later just painted over.

Or, with the wall dent or nail depression, there may have been movement, and the nail has held while the drywall has moved outward.

In either case, you need to know how to repair nail holes such as these which is usually quite simple. Just add another screw about 2 inches away from the depression into the stud or joist.

Then, make sure that the drywall is tight. Check around the area by rapping your knuckles along the stud lines to make sure you hear a firm sound, instead of a hollow one. Add more screws as needed to secure the wall area.

If the area is not damaged, but just a depression, after you have secured it, you can mud over it once or twice to bring it level with the rest of the drywall.

But if any areas are torn, cut out the loose areas, tape with mesh or paper tape. After this, mud over the dimples, once for your foundation coat and a second time for you final coat. Then when dry, sand lightly and feather the area into the surrounding wall. This is all you usually need to do for a drywall fix of nail holes or wall dent depressions